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Top ten poems from Vasco, all about her, a helper, found heart, who's the poet, our life and four seasons, prickly vine, mae, Angie's smile, awful flaw and love and joy



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I was born in the Island of Santa Maria, Azores. Arrived in the U.S.A., in the mid of nineteen-seventies. Since arriving in the U.S.A. I have lived in Rhode Island, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina and now in South Carolina. Some of these states while being in the army and army national guard.

My poems have been published in different books, as well as on cds'. On my poem all about her was poem of the day, on June 28, 2009. On my poem our life and four seasons was poem of the day on membersite on November 29, 2011..
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About the book:  What a man does

short stories, one a romantic story and the other Adventure, plus a half a dozen more shorter stories, the last part of the book has poems, recipes and jokes

first main story, about 4,000 to 5,000 words: it's a romantic story!

her chin raising it closer to me. Her mouth looked sensual and inviting. I gave her one last glance and I moved closer to her lips. Soft, smooth, gentle and slowly I kiss her lips. She stood still, and then a chill and goose bumps woke her up when I licked her upper lip. That’s when she started kissing me back with the same

2nd main story about 4,000 to 5,000 words: it’s a adventure story!

They spoke in their language, for a few minutes and “I was found guilty of some kind of ridiculous charge.” the reason I know, that I was found guilty. Is because I’m back in this lousy jail! What the hell am I being charge with! I remember walking down the road, on a very tight road with hundreds of people all around “some of us would call it alley”. With all those people they could have made

Poems, about twenty poems!

“Our life and four seasons”

The fall and mid age
Fall arrives and try’s to hold on to the warmth
of the summer
we try to hold on, to our youth and knowledge
fall felt the heat of summer
and then start’s to feel, the cold freeze of winter
Mid life seen the joy of youth and hopes
to see the old age of wisdom


“Three manages “

from a different sport teams, they die and went to hell.
One from Boston, New York and Chicago
They all want it to call their team,
to fine out the results.
To all the moms, out there. From all their sons and daughters that finds’ it difficult to express their appreciation!

poems for the heart - poems to laugh and feel -
poems to think and poems to !@#$%^&*--

The Poems are, all about her, a helper, Angie's smile, our life and four seasons, who's the poet, then why can we, the need, she's barely a woman, prickly vine, who are we, an island or a city, awful flaw, lost love prisoner heart, love and joy, go away go away, found heart, from eleven to eight, lies, mae, lost and found, my hero the lord,let's get together and etc.

"All About Her"

The blooming rosy of her smile
Glazing on her face.
That livens and lightens me.
It's the soft smooth and dashing of her lips,
sparks me - up and and start's me - off..........................

" Angie's smile "

Intoxicating, breath taking of her smile
Tear stopper, heart healer of Angie's smile........
                                                                 Angie's smile

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